The insurance business can be pretty tough... so I work tirelessly to make it as enjoyable as possible for my clients, my staff and me! Over the 10 years our loyal clients have been quite impressed with our ability to provide excellent customer service from the start of a new quote, through dealing with losses, and along the way truly developing friendships over the years of service.  Year after year, we win "Best Of" awards and we are humbled to serve our local community in the Bay Area. Learn more about the power team we have built in Oakland and stop by to meet us in person, thank you!



👉 Recognized Farmers Insurance Top 1% Agent

👉 Insurance Agency Founder in Oakland, CA

👉 Chamber member in Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek

👉 Various Local Business + Realtor Associations

👉 Community Advocate and Active Supporter

📧 Email Ruth Stroup or call (510) 874-5700

Ruth Stroup with her team and their 2 Minis!

Ruth Stroup with her team and their 2 Minis!

Read more at the bottom of this page!

Read more at the bottom of this page!

Jenn Miemerstorf

👉 Passionate about: Social Justice + Equality
👉 Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
👉 Super Power: Fast Learner
👉 What I love about my job: The amazing team of people I work with, daily staff lunches provided by Ruth!
👉 Fav Local Spot: Mountain View Cemetery (daytime)
👉 Fav Place for a Drink: "The Libertine" best cocktails in Oakland!

Iveth Loera Martinez

👉 Hometown: San Francisco + Oakland, CA
👉 2nd Language: Spanish
👉 What I love about my job: Powerful team and how fast we can work
👉 Fav Local Spot: Mormon Temple in Oakland hills
👉 Love to do: Hiking and doing freelance makeup
👉 Fav Drink: Green tea and horchata (separately)

KahlIl Brewer

👉 Motto: "If there's a will, there's a way"
👉 Hometown: Albany, CA
👉 What I love about my job: Great and helpful team, with awesome leadership
👉 Fav Local Spot: Berkeley Marina
👉 Fav Local Eats: Picante, Gordos
👉 Fav Cause: All Lives Matter

Jenn Huber

👉 Motto: "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well"
👉 Super Power: Collaborator
👉 What I love about my job: My team, the people I can help prepare for their lives, providing peace of mind
👉 Fav Local Spot: Jack London Square, Oakland
👉 Fav Local Eats: Brown Sugar Kitchen, Ruth's Kitchen, King Chauan, Patxi's Pizza
👉 Fav Cause: STAND! For families against violence


👉 Hometown: Kiel, Germany
👉 2nd Language: German
👉 Super Power: Persistence + Drive
👉 What I love about my job: The location in Oakland, the team and delicious lunches
👉 Fav Local Spot: Lake Merritt, Oakland
👉 Fav Local Event: Oakland First Fridays

Danielle Renteria

👉 Motto: "Never rely on anyone else to get things done"👉 Hometown: Millbrae, CA
👉 Super Power: Multi-tasking
👉 What I love about my job: That I can work from home
👉 Fav Local Spot: Jack London Ferry, Oakland
👉 Fav Drink: COFFEE

Angel Jahani

👉 Coming soon!



Email us with your current resume and feel free to answer some of the following questions:

👉 What is your motto at work?

👉 What past experience inspires you to be your best?

👉 What are your Super Powers?

👉 What do you love about the Bay Area? (local spots, events, eats, outdoors, etc.)

👉 What causes do you support... what are you passionate about?

👉 What was your favorite thing about a past job? (awesome co-workers, location, boss, etc.)

*Insurance experience preferred, not required.

This business requires a sincere passionate to help people in our local community to create stability and safety for their families and businesses. If you are interested apply to join our team!
— Ruth Stroup, Agency Owner
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We support youth development and believe in training our next generation of business leaders!