6 Pet-Friendly Vehicles for Your Furry Friends

What are the best cars for hauling for your best friend around? We’ve looked and come up with six winners that we think are simply the six most incredibly dog-friendly vehicles around. Do you drive one of these?

Volvo XC70

The Volvo XC70 has an optional steel safety grille which divides the cargo area into two sections, separating your dog from your luggage at the same time. You may also enjoy the convenience of the luggage net that attaches to the loops in the compartment floor to keep loose items in place.


The Subaru Forester has a high-sided, lined cargo area in the back that easily contains all the potential messes that your dog can dish out. Steel safety grills can also be placed between the cargo area and the rear seat to keep your pet safely in place.


Subaru Outback

The Outback has the same cargo area set up as the Forester, but the extra air vents in the back seat seem tailor made for keeping your pet cool in the “way back.”

Toyota Venza

Oh the options! The Venza has an available pet ramp for allowing your dog easy in and out, an integrated pet harness, and a leash tether.   

Jeep Liberty

Jeeps come with a crazy assortment of accessories to help make your journeys with your pets easier and more comfortable, including several types of floor liners, doggie ramps, restraint harnesses and travel kennels.

Honda Element

Sadly, no longer in production, the Honda Element may be the ultimate dog mobile. In addition to the doggie ramps also offered with the other vehicles on this list, the Element heaps on the luxury, to include spill-resistant bowls in the back, an elevated, cushioned dog bed, pet restraint tethers in the second row and cargo area, special dog-inspired seat covers for the second row seats, a fan in the cargo area, and of course all-season rubber floor mats (with a toy bone pattern!). A car model that has “gone to the dogs” is now a compliment!

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