Why We Love Being Insurance Agents!

Learn more about why we love being insurance agents for you!

Our Clients!  We would not have a business without you.  We all love getting to know you, your families, your businesses.  We're always glad when you share a personal story about your life with us!

Our Community! Helping clients as given us the opportunity to grow deeper roots within the community we call home.  While I’m (Ruth) a CA native, I never really connected with childhood town, Sacramento. In a word it wasn’t “urban” enough for me.  I longed for the diversity and creativity of my chosen hometown, Oakland.  To quote my dad, I love Oakland “warts and all”. What do you love about our community?

Our Support! When your insurance claim goes really well, it's awesome!  Let’s face it, the day you need to use your insurance, something has gone wrong.  Simply put – it’s usually a pretty rough day.  So when you call us to make the claim, and the insurance fixes the problem.  That’s REALLY satisfying. We are so glad to be part of the solution that gets you back to your normally scheduled life.

These are just a few of the things we love about being your local Farmers Insurance agents!

Feel free to contact us with questions or to tell us how we can support you!

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