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The fine print: Yes – your policy covers rentals – here’s the fine print.

  •  Driver must be on both the rental agreement and the policy to be covered.
  • Coverage applies in USA and Canada only
  • Coverage and deductibles match your most insured vehicle

You may want to take out the collision coverage even if your insure your car for coverage – here’s why.

  • Driving a strange car,  you are more likely to have a damage the vehicle (miss a curb, park to close, etc)
  • If you use your comprehensive/collision coverage, the car rental company will usually charge you and admin fee
  • If you use the rental car policy for damage to just the rented car (single car accident), they will not report this to insurance/dmv.  It will not go on your record.

Situations to consider including collision on the rental car:

  • Emotional times (weddings, funerals, after an accident)
  • Bad and inclement weather
  • Difficult driving environments (urban, unfamiliar)

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